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Sea routes & distances

Our routes are extracted from 5 years of AIS data, satellite and terrestrial, of 50,000 vessels. You can get accurate sea distances from port-to-port, point-to-point and door-to-door.

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We've gathered historical weather data, with a resolution of 0.5 degrees, every 3 hours, everywhere on the globe. Tides, ocean currents, winds, waves are made available to you in statistical, historical form, or in prediction.

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Co2 emissions - NEW

All the accuracy of our APIs -- route, weather, vessels -- for CO2 emission calculations. We apply the standards methodologies, with better data, for all modes: sea, air, rail and road.

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We built our service with accurate data to meet your needs. Search information on ports, airports, shipyards or areas, by name or location.

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Our collection of APIs is here to help maritime and logistics stakeholders build digital solutions. Whether you are developing a fleet management solution, a freight forwarding platform or a bunker optimization tool, we are by your side to bootstrap your project.

Routing, not by the book.

Proprietary technology.

We have built proprietary algorithms to provide the most accurate maritime routes. We cross reference AIS & vessel data, traffic separation schemes, piracy areas, weather and more, so you don't have to.

sea distance
1. Raw AIS data

We collect vessel positions traveling through an area using AIS data.

2. Waypoints

We cluster them using position but also other features like speed and course into multiple nodes.

3. Routes

We then link these nodes together using vessel trajectories also extracted from AIS.

Co2 emissions for door-to-door freight transportation

Co2 emissions calculator api

How green is your Logistic? Many parameters must be considered when calculating accurate Co2 emissions such as fuel, type of vehicle, speed, load, etc. All these parameters make it difficult to design an accurate calculation method. We have developed an innovative methodology to calculate carbon footprint based on accurate data from our API ecosystem and European standards compliant.

They trust us

Christian Plum - BunkerMetric Co-Founder

“Our service is based all around an API distance tool. It was essential for us to collaborate with an accurate and reliable API solution to provide our customers with the best bunker ports alternatives. ”

Grant Mc Intosh - V.Ship Product Owner

“ We had no idea of the weather impact on our vessels when they were undergoing a sea passage. We were blind to the environmental factor, that's where the Searoutes solution fits our requirements. ”