Co2 emissions calculator API

Co2 emissions calculator api

Report true Co2 emissions

Our approach goes beyond the European methodologies EN 16258 and EEA/EMEP. We get real routes, compute emissions based on actual engine consumption and integrate data from our API ecosystem. Monitoring CO2 emissions has never been so simple and straightforward.

Our methodology is not a black box


We compute Co2 emissions with IMO N°. We use over 6000 vessels assets.

Real routes

We use the real schedules and vessels data to compute distances.


We compute from TEU to kilograms, so you don't have to do the math.

Accurate speed

We use observed speed from AIS to feed Co2 calculation.

SECA zones

We know when vessels cross SECA/ECA zones and switch from HFO to LSFO.

Co2 emissions calculator api

How we stand out

Co2 emissions vary from one vessel to another depending on its speed and the distance traveled etc. We do not proceed with averages.

Our methodology applies to Air, Rail and Road

We give you the possibility to estimate your CO2 for all other modes. You can thus have a Co2 emissions reporting for each of your bookings all modes combined.


Specify the transported goods weight in kg, we'll return Co2 emissions for the amount of goods carried.


Specifies your point to point (airport, rail station or city) journey. Our API calculates the direct distance between A & B.

IATA ID *Air specific*

Choose a specific aircraft with its IATA Id. Over 550 asset types (engine, payload, seats) listed.

Flight information *Air specific*

We take into account take-off, landing, climbing, descent and cruising phases.

Co2 emissions calculator api

How can we help you?

Fleet Co2 emissions reporting.

Get the accurate Co2 emissions for your fleet in seconds. We help you save your time and stay focus on your core business.

Automate your bookings Co2 emissions reporting.

Generate Co2 emissions reporting all modes (sea, air, rail, road) for a given period.

What will you build?

Get in touch with us, or start with our APIs.

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