Geocoder API

geocoder api

Get location information via forward or backward geocoding

Our services are intended for developers who want to use geocoding data within Searoutes’ routes and distances API or to use geocoding data for a web app development.

The data we collect comes from a variety of sources, including the port authorities, government data, and open sources.


Our data base is updated and improved with 7000 ports listed so far under their LOCODE ID.

Area on sea

Get information about ECA and SECA zones, piracy zones, territorial zones, etc.


We update and maintain a database of 1300 airports listed under their IATA Ids.


1100 reliable and trusted shipyards worldwide listed with detailed information.

How can we help you?

Detailed information

Get detailed information about a port, airport or Shipyard by ID or by name. Our API returns information such as country, timezone, port or airport size, address, restrictions, services etc.

Closest ports or shipyards

You can look for the closest ports and shipyards depending on your vessel’s position.

What will you build?

Get in touch with us, or start with our APIs.

Discover route & distance API

Benefit from historical AIS data to get accurate information on ECA / SECA zones, passage waypoints, distances and transit times.

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Discover ocean weather API

Empower your solution by integrating our weather data to optimize your routing, calculate fuel consumption or better predict ETAs.

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Discover Co2 emissions API

Get accurate Co2 emissions based on detailed vessel consumption and traveled distances. Estimate also Co2 on air, rail and road modes.

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