Ocean Weather API

Get historical, current or forecast ocean weather data all around the globe.

We have developed our own aggregates, available in statistical or predictive form. We provide you with historical weather information (tides, ocean currents, winds and waves) , actual or forecast, at a given location and also bulk historical weather information, at a given location, for the period 2013 to today.

Our weather comes in several forms


Specify the point you need the weather for. We return the closest point (0.5 degree grid).

Time frame

Choose a specific day or period. We update our data every 3 hours since 2013.

Weather on track

We return historical, current and forecast for every point along your route.

How can we help you?

Get weather on route

See how the ocean weather conditions change with an update every 3 hours and how it can impact your vessel performance and Estimated Time Arrival.

Calculate fuel costs

Get better visibility with weather data to estimate accurate fuel costs depending on the weather conditions on sea. Weather alone can account for more than 20% of the increase in fuel compared to fuel consumption in calm water.

What will you build?

Get in touch with us, or start with our APIs.

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